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that some are gathered up. the nsa claims this is no in violation of the foreign intelligence surveillance act because the collection occurs in foreign countries, when data crosses international borders. nsa chief keith alexander dismissed charges of massive
be completed by early november. >> big changes could soon be becoming to the nsa. the director of the spy agency and top deputy are expected to leave in the coming year and giving president obama a chance to appoint his own replacements. keith alexander has led the agency since 2005 and longest tenure ever for an nsa director. folks say the decision to leave was long planned and not reaction to recent revelations about surveillance practices. >>> the nsa is apparently playing a key role in the cia's drone program overseas.
security agency. the "washington post" reported today the n.s.a. has collected millions of contact lists from e-mail and online chats, including the records of many americans. the report cited documents leaked by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. new negotiations opened today on iran's nuclear program. there was guarded optimism about
points across the globe could allow the nsa to map out a person's life. it is prohibited from targetting americans, whether in the u.s. or abroad. the agency has not been authorised by congress or the special court that oversees foreign surveillance to collect
foreign countries, when data crosses international borders. nsa chief keith alexander dismissed charges of massive infringement on privacy. >> the press claimed evidence of thousands of privacy violation, it is false and misleading. >> the agency claims it is not required to restrict contact lists belonging to speaks fitted foreign investment targets. >> is there a reason for all of
the u.s. national security agency. the french newspaper "le monde" said the n.s.a. collected more than 70 million french phone records in a 30-day period. he acknowledged there are legitimate questions to address.
for a while. the journalist who broke the nsa spy story, glenn greenwald said there have been documents for some time. thanks to information leaked by edward snowden. the latest revelation, that the nsa collected more than 70 million french telephone records in the space of a month. >> parts involving france and the spying of french cities by the nsa. it shows that this spying is absolutely massive over the months, and some french companies have been under surveillance by the nsa. >> over the summer, snowden's leaked documents show the nsa was spying on several french embassies and the french mission at the united nations. in july, the president threatened -- >> we had already reacted strongly, but we need to go further. these kinds of pranksters between partners that violate privacy are totally unacceptable. >> while politicians profess outrage, the government walks a fine line. as also reported in "le monde," france also runs its own vast surveillance organization collecting personal data, much like the nsa's prism program. you are watching "france 24." >> time for the international
>> coming up, shocking revelations about the nsa. the agency is accused of reading e-mails from the former president of mexico. looking at millions of french phone records. more details ahead. and some adopted children from overseas are hot adopted in hopes of getting that are lives. a look at the underground adoption network coming up. and professor petraeus. joining another college. not everyone is happy he is joining the staff. that story at the end of the show. it is monday, october 21. you are watching rt. we begin with new documents linked by edward snowden. we are now learning that they national security agency has extended its arm into france and mexico. they are under intense scrutiny who say the agency overstepped its authority. we have more. >> in the world of the nsa, they spy agency is very much interested. broke into the mexican presidential network to gain access to the public e-mail account. that gave insight into the -- we also know in 2012 mexico spied on the current president. they intercepted more than 85,000 text messages, many of which were sent by the pres
, here on "rt." more revelations about the growing surveillance state here in the u.s. according to nsa leaker edward snowden, the agency is collecting and storing americans personal e-mail address books and instant messaging buddy list. more details on this later in the show. ♪ it's wednesday, october 16th. 5:00 p.m. in washington, d.c. i am same-sex. you are watching "rt." we begin on capitol hill. a deal emerged from the senate after a night of negotiations and after the credit rating agency fitch put u.s. treasury on rating watch negative. a move that usually precedes a credit downgrade. we are on capitol hill. >> it looks like the deal has finally been reached here on capitol hill. it comes after the partial government shutdown carries on into its third week. the announcement came early this afternoon. it was negotiated by senate majority leader harry reid and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. the deal comes just hours after the debt ceiling deadline is set to be breached. if it is breached, it could be even more catastrophic than this current government shutdown. that's be
's team is upset over new revelations concerning the nsa and who that agency spies on, which is in this case france. here to tell us more about thesel gas stations, phil ittner. >> reporter: these allegations came out in the french newspaper "la monde." it was authored by the journalist who broke the story along with edward snowden on the nsa surveillance program. it just infuriated the friend. it included things like the information that the nsa collected 70 million phone records over one month, obviously something that the french are very concerned about. while secretary of state kerry is supposed to be in paris talking about the peace process, and the situation in syria this is stealing some of the limelight even so much as the french government have summoned the u.s. ambassador to come toward and explain what the nsa has been up to. >> phil, since the days of mat harry, governments have been spying on each other. are officials really that upset and what can we expect in terms of official fallout from these allegations. >> reporter: the french foreign minister said this is
represent all the people. >>> issue three, brazilian wax nsa. another week, another story about the nsa. on tuesday, the washington post reveal that the nsa is quote-on- quote harvesting hundreds of millions of personal e-mail contact lists of many americans and non-americans around the world adding up to the sizable fraction of the world's e-mail and instant messaging accounts. what will the nsa do with that data? they will search for personal connections. they will map relationships among those targets. and surprisingly the last revelation, plus the revelation prior for them there, they have angered the u.s. allies, noticeably brazil when they assembled that the general assembly three and a half weeks ago, that they have taken the podium, for spying on their neighbors. and in particular, their politicians and the companies, they're charging them with the economic espionage. >> medaling for them in the life and for the country's breach of the law. to the principal that should govern the relations for them. , especially among them there. >> they were taken on by them that they canceled
-- previously secret documents explaining the nsa surveillance program. but it only did so after the revelation in documents released by edward snowden. the administration has not acted on a congressionally authorized board which recommended many specific steps to carry out the president's professed aim which would free government officials to discuss more public business with the press. the fifth issue is the failure to appear before the freedom of information act office. this was a directive issued on the president's for day in office to improve government responsiveness of foia requests. too many government departments and agencies still reject far too many foia requests or delay response or demand expensive fees to fulfill them. an associated press survey earlier this year found the number of foia requests turned down had increased during the obama administration. 80 organizations that advocate for government transparency -- the aim of the obama administration is reputedly out to make the foia work better for the public. they are worried about whether the administration will listen to them
information that helped the ca find osama bin laden. documents show a secret nsa unit known as the counterterrorism mission aligned cell tract hassan ghul for year before in e-mail from his wipers used to locate his household and kill him in a drone strike last october. "arsenal ofoyed a cyber espionage tools" to find hassan ghul, and tracking radio transmissions to determine where he might that down. while officials say the nsa has senior analyst deployed alongside cia counterparts at a most every major u.s. embassy were military base abroad, the article highlights the agency's fast efforts in northwest pakistan. one former official compared the nsa's powers to the cia's high- tech information operation center, saying -- the washington post said it was withholding many details about the missions at the request of u.s. intelligence officials. states, andited five other countries have wrapped up two days of talks in geneva over iran's disputed nuclear program. the parties agreed to meet again in early november to continue negotiations that iran hopes will lead to an easing of
revelations from edward snowden take us inside the al qaeda militant and shows the incredible power of the nsa. >>> hermellaatiohermella will bg your views. >> new revelations show how the u.s. tracked down and killed the notorious al qaeda leader in pakistan. those revelations are brought by edward snowden. in an effort to track hassan goul, who helped reestablish al qaeda's logistics networks in pakistan. tracking an e-mail from goul's wife enabled the cia to target and kill goul in a drone strike in 2012. i'm joined by greg gold the one of the point people who have worked with edward snowden. greg thank you for joining us. one of the things you said is that snowden's documents show extensive involvement involvement by the cia. you quote a former intelligence official as saying if you wanted huge coverage of the fattah, pakistan's tribal area, 100 times the brain power, we provided the map and they just filled in the pieces. is it fair to say that the nsa did exactly what it was supposed to do? >> yes, and that's one of the points of the pieces. the nsa's leadership since the documents start
trial. today the 49 year old will go before a federal judge ahead of his trial. >>> the nsa is reportedly pouring through millions of contact lists from around the world. the washington reports it intercepts hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts you likely use. in fact, during a single day last year here is what the post says the nsa collected 445,000 e-mail address books from yahoo. 105,000 from hot mail and 23,000 from unspecified users. the paper reports the nsa analyzes the contacts to find possible links to terrorism and other criminal activities. the nsa says it is not interested in the personal information of ordinary americans. edward snowden provided the secret documents to the post. >>> in the words of one top u.s. senator today could be a bright day meaning a deal could be on the horizon. harry reid and mitch mcconnell met on monday. they say they are closing in on an agreement to prevent the nation's first ever default come thursday's debt ceiling deadline. >> i'm very optimistic that we will reach an agreement that is reas
-mail and message accounts could be in the data they are collecting now that according to a study. nsa intercepts e-mail books and buddy lists from instant message services. the nsa in a power point presentation shows figures from the special source operations it has 14 -- 444,000 from yahoo, 105,000 from hotmail and 22,000 from other providers. this comes from top secret documents from edward snowden. in defense the actions they said the nsa is focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid forms like terrorists. we are not interested in information about terrorists. >> people all over the world are realizing these programs don't make us more safe. they hurt our economy. they hurt our economy. they limit those who seek, think and live and be creative to have a relationship>> ehe is a controversial figure in all of this. it puts person at risk of coming into conflict with their own government. data mining has come under scrutiny since he started leaking the documents. it is essential to counter-terrorism intelligence. >>> thank you, kelly. brand new developments in the case of a mis
, an article coauthored by the same man who broke the nsa eavesdropping story, that article published in the french daily "le monde" basically e posing several nsa operations that concerned french population not least of which the claim that some 70 million phone calls or phone records from monitored by the nsa in just one month. that's 70 million in just one month. now the french have responded to this quite angrily. they have summoned the u.s. ambassador to the foreign ministry to explain just exactly what it is that the nsa has been up to. >> phil, is this real anger or diplomatic anger, and do we expect any fallout from these allegations. it's safe to say that every nation spies on every nation in the world. >> reporter: yes, that has happened even among friends, there are spice. we'll have to wait to see what the government of france will do, but certainly it's the opinion on the street is genuine anger. there is concern all throughout europe amongst the european citizens that the nsa is spying on joe average over here. that's very serious cause for concern amongst the population
kerry is, new charges again leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden. phil edner joins us and tell us about these latest accusations. >> del, these latest accusations were published in french daily lemonde, and the paper that broke the story about nsa edward snowden monitoring the program. not the least of which the announcement that apparently the nsa collect eld phone records on -- collected phone records on 70 million people in just a 30 day period. quite significant there. we have seen things like the u.s. ambassador to be summoned to the french foreign ministry to explain what the nsa mass been up to. del. >> do we expect any fallout from these latest allegations? >> the french foreign minister released a statement saying it was unacceptable, it should stop immediately and cannot be repeated. there is an awful lot of anger coming out of france not the least of which on the french streets. there has been a deep concern about the sheer numbers and volume of the calls that have been monitored and the e-mails that have been collected by the nsa. we're also hearing deep concern tha
iran and edward snowden in russia. >> the president has come under criticism for a lot of that, the nsa, the story that features edward snowden, the drone attacks, many on his side of the aisle as well as the republicans have attacked him. perhaps inadvertently unfortunately for many republicans, from the fact that the rollout of those exchanges, the health care exchanges the online exchanges well documented now, has been something of a fee as could. the white house isn't even blaming them on the fact that so many people have been curious and trying to log on. there have been technical glitches, more than just glichtion, the -- glitches, the president wants people to work more than 24 hours a day to get that figured out. if he would buckle under pressure and said he wouldn't do, he would be in a far weaker position now heading into this key three months before we do begin an election year and the politics and elections that the president has so decried start to take over the white house dialogue. >> do the republicans think they have political capital and what will they use it on? >> we
that the nsa has been identifying spao*eug ospying on france.♪ ♪ >>> welcome to al jazerra america i am stephanie sy. we are following breaking news out of san francisco. where the bay area rapid transit agency and union workers have reached a tentative labor agreement ending the ongoing bart strike there. bart said it will be a i believe to restart limited train service tuesday morning after four days without any service. officials say they hope to have the system fully operational by the afternoon commute. details were not released. the union needs to improve the tentative agreement. the town of sparks nevada is waiting for answers after a kay kai on the i can shooting at a middle school left one teacher dead and two students injured. police say a 13-year-old student brought a gun to school and opened fire before turning the weapon on himself. melissa chan has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the incidents took place at 7:16 a.m. local time, about 15 minutes before school was about to start. as mentioned the shooter shot and killed a teacher. a very popular math teacher by the
of thing happened with the nsa surveillance and the stated policies that president obama had articulated, challenging china on its government- orchestrated hacking surveillance program. let me ask about an exceptional story a few weeks ago about the effect of the leak investigations on the whistleblowers. it cataloged about how the united states government against one person can destroy life even for those whom the prosecution fell apart and they've been fined. >> the intelligence committee was looking at that. the intelligence at the beginning of the administration told the new york times on the record this was his intention, to get the justice department to prosecute some people so it wouldn't have a chilling effect on the others. >> could you talk a little bit about the insider threat program. i thought your discussion was exceptional. and you can imagine how the government would have some sort of a program after the disclosure that chelsea manning had taken the scope of the documents that she had. just to get your arms around how it was being handled. it seems to have bec
a federal judge ahead of his trial. >>> the nsa is reportedly poring through millions of contact lists from around the world. "the washington post" reporting it intercepted hundreds of thousands of e-mail address books every day from private accounts. in fact, during a single day last year, "the post" says the nsa collected 445,000 e-mail address books from yahoo! 105,000 from hot mail and 23,000 from unspecified providers. the paper reports the nsa analyzes the contacts to find possible links to terrorism and other criminal activities. the nsa says it's only seeking information on valid targets and is not interested in the personal information of ordinary americans. edward snowden provided the secret documents to "the post." >>> in the words of one top u.s. senator today could be a bright day meaning a deal could be on the horizon. on that day 15 of the government shutdown that we're seeing today. senate majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell met on monday. they say they are closing in on an agreement to end washington's paralysis and to prevent the nation's first-ever default from
woman to hold that job. >>> coming up on al jazeera america, there are new details about the nsa, and how that agency helped the cia with its drones. coming up this week on techknow >> it's gonna get bumpy over here, it looks like... >> we dropped like a rock... ...and then you experience zero g's >> this is a modified dc 8 with about 28 different instruments on the outside... >> it's one wild ride... >> we're flying at 300 feet over the gulf of mexico... >> climb aboard nasa's laboratory in the sky... >> techknow - 7:30 eastern on al jazeera america what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives discussion across america. >> al jazeera america's social media community, on tv and online. >> this is your outlet for those conversations. >> post, upload and interact. >> every night share undiscovered stories. >>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are today's top stories. >> let's be clear. there are no winners here. these last few weeks have inflicted completely unnec
on prosecutions along with the concerns about the nsa surveillance program. obama's industries and officials and employees are increasingly afraid to talk to the press. every single journalist i talked to said that's the case for their sources whether or not they deal of classified information but especially if it involves classified information. six government employees with 2000 contractors including edward snowden have been prosecuted for leaks of alleged classified information in the press and prosecution has been done under 1917 espionage act enacted during will for one to punish people for spying on foreign entities. it would have government talking to reporters. they're only three such prosecutions in the 90 years from 1978 until 2009 when they began during the obama administration. several of these investigations the most frightening thing for government officials the justice department the fbi were successful and subpoenaing and seizing e-mail traffic between government officials and reporters from news organizations including "the new york times" "fox news" and the "associated pres
>> coming up, the nsa has joined the game of the drones. if the agency is playing a big role in the u.s. drone program. more details just ahead. the u.s. supreme court tells the state of california to release thousands of prisoners. we take a look at the ruling ahead. the war over water. three southern states are battling over water rights. they have been getting neighboring states against each other for more than two decades. it is thursday, october 17. i've :00 p.m. in washington dc, and you're watching "rt." the latest information leaked by former government contractor edward snowden. the documents outline the extent to which the nsa has been involved in the cia's counterterrorism activities. they detail the agency's engagement in the u.s. drone campaign which involves using large unmanned vehicles to scope out an attack thought to be affiliated with terrorism. an exclusive initiative of the cia. we learned that they depend heavily on the ability to collect information from telephone calls. according to the washington post, the nsa has created the counterterrorism mission
with the concerns about the nsa surveillance program. obama administration officials and employees are increasingly afraid to talk to the press. every single journalist i talked to said that's the case for their sources in government whether not they feel it's classified but especially if it involves classified information. six government employees and to government contractors including edward snowden of course have been prosecuted since 2009 for leaks of alleged classified information to the press. and has been done under and 1817 espionage act does enacted during world war i to punish people for spying for foreign entities. and he we have reporters, who have government officials talking to reporters who accosted under that act. there are only three such prosecutions in the 90 years from 1917 until 2009 when they begin during the obama administration. in several of these investigations it's by the most frightening thing for government officials, the justice department was successful and secretly subpoenaing and seizing telephone and e-mail traffic between government officials and reporters for ne
and the nsa leaks in the u.s., and gcaq in the u.k. "the guardian" and "daily mail" never liked each other. they have never gone at it this way before. "the guardian" tried to isolate the "mail" by having 33 editors from 15 countries writing oped pieces backing "mail." the domestic feud comes at a critical time in the ongoing debate about the future of revelation sparked by rupert murdoch's phone-hacking obligation. they are at each other's threats. . >> anybody who knows anything about the british media knows incredibly polar iffed, it's political and always has been. >> there was definitely a split between the "mail" and "the guardian." it's been hammer and tongs for the last fortnight. >> some people think the "the guardian" may have miscalculated. maybe that they should be held to account. it is unfortunate, because it's got away from the actual issue. whether that was right or wrong in the democracy. >> that issue is government civil arranges the nsa in america, gchq in britain and the "the guardian" was the first to get the edward snowden files on that. that is not where the story st
in june says they swept up more than 70 million records over a 30-day period. the nsa program automatically recordrd conversations from flagged numbers as well as text messages based on key words. but the nsa didn't just target people suspected of terrorism but also high profiled individuals from the world of business and politics. >> we have already been alerted back in june and we had a strong reaction. but apparently we have to do more. these types of actions targeting privacy between partners are completely unacceptable and we must quickly make sure that they are no longer in practice. >> over the summer snowden leaked documents showed the nsa was spying on several french embassies and the french mission at the united nations. >> for more i'm joined by ann. thank you for coming in to see us here. we heard the interior minister call these revelations shocking. do they really come as that much of a surprise for france? >> i don't really think so. you heard him said that they already knew about this in june. what probably comes as a
in revealing secrets the nsa wanted to hold tight and arriving this weekend to a theater near you -- >> this is information the world needs to know. >> we need to crush these guys. >> a take on wikileaks founder julian assange. the man who says there should be no secrets. i'm david folkenflik and this is "reliable sources." >>> today we'll consider how the news you consume gets to you and how that flow of information can get cutoff and what changes are made in coverage. take this month's political drama over the partial government shutdown and the del ceiling debate. at times it seemed as if the economic story affecting millions of americans and markets abroad was overshadowed. joining me here in washington to tease out how the media performed or didn't perform is david gura and michael. how well did they do? >> i wouldn't give them high marks but i wouldn't say it was all bad. the difference is the press is used to covering political polling. that's a psychological measure of what's going on. the real story is what was going on in the bond market and you didn't see a lot of top n
collected. a report comes after news surfaces that the director and deputy director of the nsa will be leaving their post early next year. another revelation the nsa is stockpiling contacts and instant message buddy list. that report comes from senior inteintelligence officers and ld documents from edward snowden. they have interesting news including under certain circumstances, the nsa can keep phone and e-mail records it's collectedded for up to six years. and depending on what has been collected the information could be shared with the cia or fbi r other foreign governments. it breaks down the sharing of information between the national counter data base. rachel serves as counsel and se wrote that report and now joins us in washington. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what were you most struck by by these findings. >> i think what we were most struck by is the fact across the board, the nsa and we talk about other agencies and the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security as well, what they are doing is keeping information about americans that is not related
. in the u.s. national security agency accused of spying on millions of french citizens, the nsa has been in the spotlight for many months. the scandals started in june. that's when british newspaper "the guardian" worked with the u.s. contractor edward snowden. he revealed prism a surveillance program giving nsa access to central services including google, google denies involves. it's been reported that nsa has been receiving information from british spy agency and has paid more than 100 millions dollars to that british agency and the nsa has monitored phone calls, text messages and e-mails from almost everywhere with only canada, australia and new zealand explicitly exempt. they claim they receive meta-data, that's the connections and not the message. but they have accused the nsa of violating international law. france and germany demanded answers and recently mexico has labeled the spying unacceptable as well as illegal. let's go to live to washington. it's really the extent of these latest allegation that's nsa has been spying on 70 million french citizens that has people very shocked
to make comparisons. the patriot act and the nsa. and a one sentence summary, the obama administration's war on leaks and efforts to control information that the news mania needs are without equal. they are in direct conflict with obama's stated goal of making his administration the most transparent in history. i should add that i was one of the editors of the watergate story in the early 1970's. i make a comparison with knowledge. six components to what i found. the first, chilling effects of the investigation and prosecution along with concerns about the nsa programs. obama administration officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press. every signal journalist i talked to said that that is the case with their source in the government, whether they deal with classified information, but especially if it involves classified information. six government employees and 2 government contractors have been prosecuted since 2009 for leaks of alleged classified information to the press. it has been done under a 1917 espionage act enacted during world war i to punish people for spying for
? plus an nsa faux pas causes an american riff in paris. president obama has to do damage control. >>> and a new nightmare for american parents kids connect with friends over social media, but are the popular websites forcing preteens into very question super boable behavior. >>> we begin with the allegations of a major scandal in the navy. as serious as these allegations are, al jazeera reports, they are from the only scandals to come out of the military this year. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors the chief executive of glen defense asia pried navy officers with cash, tickets, luxury hotel rooms, and in exchange they provided inside information. this commander allegedly helped dock four ships so it could overcharge for its services by the millions. this knave vor officer is accused of continuing off the marine about several fault investigations. this captain was relieved of his duties but not charged. the navy has been the most aggressive of the forces firing commanders this year. details are unavailable, but in the fiscal year that just ended 95 allegations of misco
bill that had nothing to do with the shutdown itself and your tax dollars are paying for it. >>> nsa leaker edward snowden gives the first extensive interview from russia and talks about what he did with the classified documents. i was made to work. make my mark with pride. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪ >>> well, the bill that reopened the government today and raised the debt ceiling is 35 pages long. it will keep the government running until january 15, the new deadline is february 7th. those are the bill's key features there is more, some surprising auditions some folks might have missed. call them ear parks or extras, part of deal not clear. jake tapper tonight keeping them honest. >> reporter: great news, panda cam is back. more importantly, the federal government is open for business, but in order to get that compromise bill done, there w
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for a while. >> mr. it's ya -- yahoo, g mail or the ims, the nsa could have troves of information about you and your friends. >> reporter: any time you type in a friend's e-mail, the nsa could be right there watching, waiting and swiping. "the washington post" reports they have amassed millions, maybe tens of millions of your friends and colleagues' personal information. this from top secret documents provided by nsa whistle blower edward snowden. >> he took so much information and it's one thing after another. >> reporter: to size this up we talked to u.s. expert ray locker. >> they know all the people you've been contacting, the people you've received e-mail from, the people you're e- mailing. they know that information. they use that to assemble a profile of the person they're investigating. >> reporter: it's important to note they're not targeting individuals. rather, it's a bulk sweep. to show you the magnitude n one day the nsa collected more than 400,000 e-mail address books from yahoo, more than a hundred thousand from hot mail, more than 80,000 from face boog, almost 34,000 -- face
on as far as the nsa and british secret services. the leaks that edward snowden revealed to various media outlets. just how much germany was spied on, one leak revealed in the newsmagazine in june shows that there was half a billion e- mails, phone calls, and text messages intercepted in germany in the average month. the announcement has prompted other major operators to say they want to follow suit, vodafone among them. telefonica said they would try to roll this out for customers. there are some skeptical of whether it would work to to the nature of modern communication. deutsche telekom are saying they are determined to protect their customers information from prying eyes of the spies. >> wikileaks partner website. he thinks rerouting data is not enough to ensure privacy. >> in germany, we have a situation that the trustworthiness of our foreign and interior intelligence service, watching their high level of cooperation with a national security agency, and with a british government medications headquarters, it does not make them trustworthy at all. if they can intercept this stuff, the
documents reveal close collaboration with nsa spy resources, even suggesting some successful drone attacks could not have been ordered without information from that agency. it comes as the nsa is under intense criticism for its spy programs on u.s. citizens. officials are hoping it will bolster the agency's case. it's resources are focused on fighting terrorisms. >> also two departures at the nsa. keith alexander and his deputy are expected to leave in the coming months. >>> officials are stepping in to help the 9-year-old that stuck on to a commercial flight to las vegas. a minneapolis judge ruled the boy will live away from his parents while the entire family receives therapy. the judge cited the recent episode and serious behavioral issues and run ins with the law. this all follows his father's emotional cry for help. the boy's parents will be allowed visitation and phone contact with their son while he resides in a county facility. >> a blast of winter-like weather hit northern new mexico earlier than expected. the first storm of the season swept through the region. it left as much as
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